Export of Semen

Export of Semen


Testing, harvesting and 2012 Exports

In February 2012 Uallach Dubh was sent to a stud farm.   Following a month of ‘isolation’ and rigorous testing he joined his fellow bulls and was harvested weekly for 2 months.   He was declared to be the most prolific Highland bull ever to ‘stand’ at Scotland’s only stud, up to 800 straws being collected in a single day.

In the summer and autumn of 2012 semen was exported to Australia, New-Zealand, Canada, Finland & Germany.   The USA & South America were ‘closed’ owing to the presence of SBV in the UK – Uallach of course having proved negative following tests on blood & semen.

How to make enquiries and/or place an Order

Contact Richard Haldane by e-mail at: rwh@cloan.co.uk


Straws are currently not available for sale in the UK.